July 24, 2008

I Solved The Country Thunder Mystery!

First of all -- damn it all to hell-- I should've gone to that Jessica Simpson concert. I was just kidding before (kinda), but now I could be selling video clips to E! for 80 million dollars.

A Kenosha News reporter, Megan Schmidt, wrote an article about Jessica Simpson's crowd reception at the festival last weekend-- which, as she wrote-- drew some boo's and some cheers.

Entertainment media internationally took the report of boo-ing and ran with it. They say she was
booed off the stage. An Australian website says she was heckled.

NOW, some videos of the concert have surfaced with
not a boo to be heard. Some blogs are now reporting that the Kenosha News reporter was inaccurate with her reporting, which, isn't true.

But... I think I've unraveled the mystery.
I think I know what really happened at Country Thunder:

We have:
- A crowd of middle-aged Wisconsin men with deep voices...
- Maybe a collective 6,500 cups of beer....
- And Jessica Simpson...


That's what they were yelling.

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