August 31, 2008

Upcoming Art Shows

Shows to consider getting in on if you're a local artist looking for places to show your work:

"Monsters" Show - Artworks, Kenosha -- $10 fee, up to 3 pieces. Monster theme. Art due by September 9th. Closing reception/costume party on October 31st.

John Wayne Art Show- The Nook, Kenosha -- Free to enter (I think). John Wayne-inspired art. Prospectus coming near the end of the month.

2nd Annual Advent Art Show - Pollard Gallery, Kenosha -- $10 entry fee. Juried Exhibition (1st place gets a 2-month show.) Opening Reception: November 8th, 5 - 8pm

More info about Kenosha-area art events at

August 29, 2008

AM 1050 Audio Clips

A few clips from AM1050 WLIP K-Town Report with me and Lars. We're on weekdays 5-6pm.

7.11.08 - K-Town Report: Newscasters getting around saying "nuts" in the aftermath of Jesse Jackson's comment about Obama:

8.29.08 - K-Town Report: Heath Ledger's Ghost

8.26.08 - The Lenny Palmer Morning show:
A caller thought I mispronounced "taken" on the morning news. It was driving me crazy so I double-checked the audio. (After his call is the part of my newscast he's referring to):

The Sarah Palin Dilemma

Upside to McCain/Palin winning the election:

By law, Tina Fey would have to rejoin the cast of Saturday Night Live.

Downside to McCain/Palin winning the election:

I won't be able to watch Saturday Night Live anymore because they don't air that show on French tv and that's exactly where I'll be moving if McCain wins.

August 9, 2008

Fun With Adobe ImageReady

Here's a sped-up progression of my Scarlett painting that'll give you a strobe-light headache:'s my creepy bald Britney winking.

YAY! I finally look my age!

I'm 25 and still consistently carded for rated-R movies. Everytime I show my I.D at a gas station, bar or theater -- people feel compelled to tell me:
  1. I could pass for 17; 19 at the most
  2. That I will appreciate this when I'm older
This is usually when I buy cigarettes, and I usually reply with "I know, that's why I'm buying these, I'm hoping they'll throw a few years on my face."

There are downsides to looking younger than your age (people aren't as respectful, 17-year old grocery store baggers hit on you) but I won't complain; I know someday I'll be a raisiny old cougar with crow's feet wishing I had this problem.
And if I wasn't such a feminist I'd use this to my advantage in the porn industry.

BUT.... now I have finally discovered the secret to looking old, and here it is:

  • Wake up at 4am to do the FM morning show
  • Work 10 hours a day
  • Do this on 4 hours of sleep and repeat daily for one week
Result? Angry, lifeless, crackhead zombie face. Makeup doesn't even work -- it crawls off my face, forms itself into giant middle-finger, and scatters like little ants.

For further proof, here's a picture of me taken just yesterday: