July 17, 2009


Thank you Jesus!!!

Just got to read this headline on the 'K-Town Report' aka the AM1050 WLIP evening news:

"A Racine home suffered serious structural damage this morning after it was hit by an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile"

And it happened right in RACINE!


I just hope the house is okay; it's just lucky it didn't crash into the back door. If ya know what I mean.

Life: The Movie

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post.

It's almost stupidly ironic, BUT, on the train ride home from trying to get ON a reality show I managed to finish a fantastic book called "Life: The Movie - How Entertainment Conquered Reality" by Neal Gabler.

If Neal Gabler knew his book was read IN line at a reality show audition, he'd be right to slap me. And I'd deserve it. Andy Warhol would think it was genius though.

ANYWAY, got it for one penny on Amazon.com.

Here's an excerpt:

"...All one has to do is watch people filing silently out of a movie theater, their eyes vacant, their faces slack, to see how one must reemerge after being submerged in a film.

Art was said to provide ekstasis, which in Greek means 'letting us stand outside ourselves,' presumably to lend us perspective. But everyone knows from personal experience that entertainment usually provides just the opposite: inter tenere (Latin for "entertainment"), pulling us into ourselves to deny us perspective."

July 16, 2009

Suck It, Sarica Jessica Parker

Today I went to a casting call for Sarah Jessica Parker's new BRAVO reality show.

It's called "American Artist" and it's a competition for struggling artists; grand prize is $100,000. Today they were casting in Chicago.

SO, today I...

- woke up at the buttcrack of dawn
- spent 3 hours on trains to/from Chicago
- spent $14 on train tickets
- filled out a 23-page questionaire
- waited for 4 hours in a line that stretched 3 city blocks
- missed my train back to Kenosha
- had to call into work


It was all worth it because some lady took 4.5 seconds to flip through my portfolio (a.k.a one decade of my life's work), looked at me like she wanted to punch me in the face, and said 'Mmmkay thaaaanks.'

July 2, 2009

Scott's Band On Kramp & Adler

Listen to 'Kramp & Adler' on 102.1FM tomorrow around 9am; Scott's band Daydreams will be in the studio.

They also play Summerfest this Saturday (July 4) -- Briggs & Stratton stage at 2pm.

Plug plug! Ding ding!