April 19, 2010

Song of the Day

If there's ever a song stuck in my head, I like to force other people to have it stuck in their heads too. Usually it's a terrible song (i.e. "Baby" by Justin Bieber) but today it's actually a good one...

"Later Alligator" by Audrey Ryan.

This would make a great break-up song. Anyway, if you aren't singing this chorus ALL day then you're a robot.

{search terms: see you later alligator song, love games, oxygen, song, audrey ryan, episode 5}

April 1, 2010

NEW! The Coffee Series

Last month, I started a new series of paintings that successfully mixes two of my loves... (no, not sailors and mashed potatoes)...

Portrait-painting and coffee.

Painting with coffee is excellent because :
1) when dry, the canvas smells delicious
2) Folgers is MUCH cheaper than oil paint

I brought my first three portraits (including 'Nesbit', right) to the MESH Haiti benefit and enjoyed letting everyone smell them.

ExposeKenosha's Lester Pitz reviewed them in his column 'Lester Says'!
Check it out here.