January 25, 2014

New Painting & UW-Parkside 'Figure Studies' Exhibit

Just finished my first painting of 2014. And actually, it's the first non-commissioned painting I've done in over a year.  The title is "Ready Steady."

I had to transport it the same day I finished, so no real photos yet, but here she is in my backseat on her way to ArtWorks. No seat belt! F the law!

Now she's headed to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Foundation Gallery for...

"Figure Studies" 
An exhibit highlighting "Two Nudes with Oak Stool and Canvas", a lithograph by noted realist artist Philip Pearlstein. In the UW-Parkside collection, artists present their own figure studies. Images in the exhibition invite discussion of the cultural meaning of sexuality, censorship, violence and abstraction. Curated by Kenosha artist and business owner Chet Griffith.

Show dates: February 4th through March 23rd
Reception: March 7th,  6pm-8pm