November 21, 2012

Illustration: New Spark Coaching

A couple months ago, I did a handful of retro/line-drawing illustrations for a California company called New Spark Coaching. It's a life-coaching website run by a really nice woman named Kimberly Beck.

I've done illustration work for life coaches, wardrobe stylists... man, I should really start trading artwork for services. Right now my life coach/stylist is Google....i.e, "Are leggings considered pants?"* and "Is it dorky to wear a swim cap in Miami?"

* Leggings are not pants. Apparently I've been walking around without any pants on.

November 18, 2012

'Dress Yourself Skinny'

A book I illustrated is for sale on Amazon.  It's called "Dress Yourself Skinny" by author Sarah Shah; she's a TV wardrobe specialist based in Houston, TX and has worked on shows like MTV's 'My Sweet Sixteen'.

The book details every possible body-type and illustrates how to best dress for that body type. My job was to create line drawings of the 14 female body-types, the correct way to wear a bra, and how to dress appropriately for work.

Copies of "Dress Yourself Skinny" are available in paperback or for Kindle on

November 15, 2012

Anderson Watch 2012: Update

Still waiting to see the portrait on Anderson Live. Fingers-crossed.

The producer says they may have it on this week but want to keep it a bit longer. Meanwhile, I'm anxiously watching Anderson Live everyday - every time he reaches for something, my stomach drops.

Today he started talking about energy drinks and caffeine with his co-host Snooki...even brought up coffee, and I almost had a heart attack. Nothing yet.

But!! He did post a photo of my painting on both his show's Twitter and Facebook! Woo! 
Check it out...

November 12, 2012


I got a call from a producer at the Anderson Cooper Live show today - she asked me if I could possibly FedEx my coffee portrait of Anderson so they could maybe use it on the show tomorrow!!

In the words of my sister: HOLY SHITBALLS!!!

I almost got into a few accidents (did one of those right turns where you hit the curb and bounce over it) to pick up the painting from the Pollard Gallery and now it's being flown to New York. If it arrives by air time, it will likely be on tomorrow's show. AND he might Skype interview me. AND tomorrow is my 30th birthday.

I swear this is EXACTLY how my ENTIRE day has been. Especially at 1:59. With a lot more swearing:

November 7, 2012

Ohhh Shiiiih Tzu

I got wrangled into painting three Shih Tzus :) 

Taking a TV break. Figured I'd blog about it. 

Blog blog blog.