September 19, 2012

If Politicians Were 'Breaking Bad' Characters...

Dick Cheney as "Hector Salamanca"
I did these quickie illustrations for a article but they opted to use actual photos instead.

Bill Clinton as "Heisenberg"

Here are some of the illustrations that would otherwise live for eternity in my hard drive -- enjoy!

Maybe I'll upload the rest later.

September 7, 2012

Commission: Alexander Duthart

I was commissioned to paint this earlier this year...

It's a portrait of Alexander Duthart (1925-1986); he was a Scottish drummer who revolutionized Scottish pipe band snare playing. (Wikipedia!)

Unfortunately Mr. Duthart didn't take a lot of photographs in his lifetime, and the ones he did take were extremely 1970s-style blurry. On top of that, he also wore about 18 yards of plaid as part of his Scottish drummer outfit.

Painting plaid from a blurry reference photo is pure hell on your eyeballs. It instantly makes you feel like you've been in a Wal-Mart for 5 hours (or 15 minutes, same difference) and/or like you've been awake for 4 days watching Requiem for a Dream on a loop. I won't ever paint plaid again, ever.  EVER.

Anyway, this painting was framed at Artworks and now resides with a former student of Mr. Duthart.