October 25, 2008

Presidential Dance-off

I can't stop watching this.

October 10, 2008

I Heart Stressed-Out Traders

Not to make light of a bad situation -- but I really love logging onto YAHOO!'s homepage and seeing the latest stressed-out trader picture up in the left-hand corner.

Maybe I'm not as frantic about the stock market as I should be -- I'm used to being broke -- but for some reason, seeing them so frazzled makes me feel really relaxed...

I think they should make stressed-trader trading cards!
I would buy and collect them if it would help the economy:

October 9, 2008

Obama Mural: Mission Accomplished!!!

It's up!!!

It's at 58th and 6th Avenue.

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped hang it, including Gino who almost got electrocuted, Dean with his art-hanging expertise and drill, the Heims who bought the canvas and loaned us the scaffolding, the couple who lives in the building who just saw us out there and asked if we needed help and ended up spending 3 hours trying to figure it out with us, my Mom, the Dans, Kyle, the Obama campaign volunteers and everyone who promised to kick anyone's ass who vandalizes it. Thanks!!

*Also a big thanks to Joe Barr for taking photos of it for me.

October 5, 2008

I Challenge Anyone To Spend 2 Hours at Caleo

It's a coffee shop off 22nd Avenue on the northside of Kenosha.

I understand their decorating theme is 'street fair in Rome' (you kinda feel like you're in Italy even though you're in a strip mall next to a Burger King in Wisconsin) and that's fine...

BUT... decorating aside, this is first and foremost a coffee shop.

Why do they play MIND-CRUSHINGLY LOUD Italian polka music?
It is SO LOUD.

Enduring two hours of this music has made me oddly angry.

As in, I'm not a person who ordinarily says 'motherfucker' -- but I'm trying to write a paper for class and every thought stream I have is injected with "fuck" or "fucking" or "motherfucker".

And now, instead of focusing on my homework, all I can think about is this weird animal urge I'm getting to smash bottles or start a street fight with someone.

Point is: Italian polka -- not conducive to homework or sanity. Being at Caleo is about as calming as chewing on aluminum foil.

I don't know how the employees here stand it. If one of them cracked and went on a murderous rampage I really don't think I'd blame them.

That's all.