April 8, 2008


Angelina, Brad Pitt, and Shiloh

This is my first real caricature, I spent a good hour on this one. I figured they'd be easy to start with because they are technically the most attractive people on earth.

Little Jimmy
A close-up of little Jimmy from The
Grand Geneva Resort.

Hannah Montana

I did this one as a sample, to hang up on my display at the Grand Geneva because I figured little girls would love it. BUT they didn't. I'd say a good 7 or 8 girls did this when they walked by on their way to the indoor Waterpark:

Dad: Look at that one Skylar-- it's your favorite, Hannah Montana.

Daughter: Ugh, that doesn't even look like her.

What can I say, 8-year old girls can be mean. I got my retribution though; when their parents weren't looking I gave them the finger and mouthed "You're Fat."

**Note: If you are interested in hiring me for your child's birthday party, please disregard that last sentence. All children are precious.

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