May 27, 2008

Mural: Bloomin' Days Windows

I volunteered to paint a storefront in downtown Kenosha for Bloomin' Days; got assigned the future Bob Chinn's on 7th Avenue. My friend Andy helped.

We weren't trying to outshine any of the other windows but I got tired of painting flowers and decided to paint Boticelli's Birth of Venus. Andy realized I was upstaging his giant cartoon bee, so from there we just painted a bunch of famous masterpieces (yes, Andy Warhol counts).

Here is what we learned:

1. Painting tiny detail with window paint markers is difficult but doable.

2. Kenoshans want Bob Chinn's to open, BAD. To everyone who shouted from their cars: Yes, we are the owners and yes, the restaurant is already open. We are serving delicious crab out of the basement in secret; all you have to do to gain entry is go around to the back, knock 76 times, wait 10 minutes and then sing "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis in perfect pitch.

3. I probably shouldn't have given my phone number to the weirdly intense older man on the motorscooter who stopped to ask if I would design a painting for the side of his van. Hopefully this won't lead to my abduction.

Bloomin' Days is June 6th and 7th... for more info visit:

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