May 13, 2008

UNFINISHED ART:: Watercolors

These are two watercolors that have been in the works for a LONG time now:

I don't know if that's his real name but he seems like an "Issac". He is a real boy who lives in Kenosha and attends a KUSD school. I took his photo when I worked as a school portrait photographer last year.
He just stood there listening to the photographer (chin up, chin down JUST a little bit....) and seemed so chill. He had the demeanor of a wise old man.
He was so goddamn adorable; I took out my own camera and snapped a picture.

This next one is Patti...(Patty? Pattie? It doesn't matter):
She's one of the famous muses, Patti Boyd, the lady who was married to George Harrison and then married his best friend Eric Clapton. She inspired "Layla" and "Something"...which are two of the greatest rock songs.

I started reading her autobiography ('Wonderful Tonight') back in December and I got all revved up to paint the cover because:

1) Her story is so interesting, not that I aspire to marry a famous musician (I don't) BUT if I were to, I would've wanted to marry a Beatle (not Paul) OR Eric Clapton (because he was really foxy back in the day, minus the heroin addiction)


2) because the cover photo was so great. It was taken in the 60s when she worked as a model in England. I think this was taken outside her and George's estate.

Anyway -- I slowly became disinterested in her book after the exciting stuff happened (when she left George for Eric); that's about the same time I stopped painting this.

I've grown attached to the way they look now so I really don't know when/if I'll finish them.

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