June 9, 2008


LemonAID/Bloomin' Days is exactly how I would like to spend every Saturday for the rest of the summer-- which is -- painting, drinking beer, and listening to little kids play music who are freakishly talented for their ages; felt like some weirdly serene episode of Maury Povich.

<----- I had about 6 hours and decided to paint Obama.

Turns out he isn't black. In fact, he's orangey-green with lots of yellow.
And, I can confidently say that I used a lot of red, white and blue as well. Isn't that poetic?? Ah.

Everyone was incredibly nice. I was only confronted by one woman who didn't like Obama.

That was while I was in the middle of painting the face-highlights so I was in too good a mood to argue.

She schooled me on:

- why the media panders to stupid people (didn't tell her I'm a news reporter)

- why the rich don't really get tax breaks

- why George W. Bush really isn't so bad (YES he is)

She also gave me a full, meaty description of what exactly a partial birth abortion is; it involves a lot of instruments and baby brains. She also talked a lot about slaughter.

Anyway, Obama was auctioned off for $200 (to benefit Lemon Street Gallery) and now has a home with a nice woman from Waukegan. I miss him a little but I know he has a good home.

I met a lot of really cool artists
and people from the art community:


Lemon Street Gallery

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