July 31, 2008

Notes From The Belly Of The Beast

Come to find out, it was NOT Peter Francis Geraci speaking in Racine today -- but rather, Republican Senator John McCain. He talked for approximately one very long hour.

Things I thought about while he spoke:

  • I think I'll say to hell with it all and get bangs the next time I get a haircut

  • Lately I've been making smores (over my stove) for breakfast... and, it would make sense for me to try smores-flavored cereal, yet I won't because it still seems gross.

  • I wonder if elderly people know that concealer would probably cover liver spots

  • Let's say some douchebag paints their car to exactly camouflage with the background of a street corner. If you crashed into him, wouldn't it still technically be your fault? If so, that doesn't seem fair.

Here is what it might look like:

The most exciting pictures I took at the McCain rally:

  • This guy's haircut----->

  • (Post-rally) Old shirtless man walking down Main St. with a rainbow umbrella -->

Just as Cindy McCain (who is prettier in person) began to introduce her husband, I caught video of two members of the press on their laptops whisper-giggling over an email one got featuring funny photos of really fat cats:

Anyway, now I have officially seen all of the presidential candidates in the flesh.

Hillary and McCain get points for making eye contact with me, but Obama had the best campaign music. Come November, those factors will determine who gets my vote.

**Also -- I'll be doing caricatures tomorrow at 'Relay For Life', 7-9pm at Bullen in Kenosha.

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