July 15, 2008

Starbucks' New Logo

Starbucks' business is slumping with the economy the way it is.
They're getting ready to close 600 stores because people aren't buying $4 coffee anymore.

Anyway, they've come out with a new logo:

<--- Old logo

<--- New logo

...and here's a detailed view:

...is it just me or did the Starbucks mermaid really slut it up?

Since when are mermaids able to sit in spread-eagle??

Maybe they're trying to attract new business with the 18-35 male demographic. I suppose nothing says "Come on in guys! Try our new Pike Place Blend!" like a topless mermaid in full "hellooo!" position.

Anyway, for god's sake keep buying food at Wendy's so they don't have to go down the same road--

(And yes, I felt very dirty drawing that graphic. I was just waiting for Chris Hansen to show up at my door.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think they actually just went back to their original logo. When I saw that I thought "Wasn't that their first logo..." and when I googled it I found this. Not 100% on it, but I think that's right.