November 21, 2012

Illustration: New Spark Coaching

A couple months ago, I did a handful of retro/line-drawing illustrations for a California company called New Spark Coaching. It's a life-coaching website run by a really nice woman named Kimberly Beck.

I've done illustration work for life coaches, wardrobe stylists... man, I should really start trading artwork for services. Right now my life coach/stylist is Google....i.e, "Are leggings considered pants?"*, "Is it dorky to wear a swim cap in Miami?", and "Can you go blind from sleeping in contacts?"

* Leggings are not pants. Apparently I've been walking around without any pants on. Luckily I'm in my thirties now and may be blind soon, so I don't care.

1 comment:

Kimberly | NewSparkCoaching said...

I love the illustrations you created for my website, Katie! Thanks for featuring on your blog.