June 13, 2008

David Sedaris-Approved!

Adam and I went down to see David Sedaris at a book signing in Evanston, IL the other day.

On the train, I realized I'd forgotten my cash -- so a few dollars had to last us the entire day and get us home.

More importantly, this meant we couldn't buy copies of his new book for him sign.

Didn't know what else he could autograph; brought a copy of 'Naked' but that was it. Maybe my chest (I got Billy Idol to sign my chest once just to be funny) but I don't think David Sedaris is into that sort of thing.

So since we had a few hours to kill anyhow-- I bought some cheapo art supplies at Blick and painted a portrait of him.

Portrait turned out nice for cheapo paint (scroll all the way down to see it).

Anyway, problem one -- solved.

But now Adam was thinking he felt funny about having David sign a copy of 'Naked' since he was on a promotional tour for his NEW book, 'When You Are Engulfed In Flames'.
So he came up with a brilliant plan:
  1. Get new copy of the book off the shelf at Borders
  2. Have David Sedaris sign it
  3. Return it to the shelf. *

Which was a great idea because...

  • David Sedaris won't potentially get offended and scold Adam for being cheap

  • Some unsuspecting future customer would get a signed copy of "When You Are Engulfed In Flames".

The plan would have worked except when it was our turn to meet him, Adam and I got retarded giddy and forgot to tell him not to personalize it.
David signed Adam's unbought copy of 'Engulfed' book with:

"To Adam. I'm so happy you date girls. David Sedaris"

Besides worrying that he'd now just made the book unsellable, we could NOT figure out what that inscription meant.

I said maybe he thinks you're so cute that he's glad you aren't gay, because if you were gay he'd want to date you but age and distance and other circumstances would keep you apart.

Anyway, then he signed my painting:

"I approve this

David Sedaris."

and I was freakin THRILLED.

One, David Sedaris thinks I paint well....although now that I think about it, his reaction was a somewhat-forced 'Ohh...oh okay...'

Two, he wasn't creeped out that I'd painted him in the first place.

**And actually, we later realized that it actually says appove (a-p-p-o-v-e) not appRove. I don't know if he was just distracted or if he's a bad speller.

Either way, I am now officially a David Sedaris-approved (or appoved) artist; maybe I'll drop out of college.

*And, we couldn't bring ourselves to return the book to the shelf. Adam and I are not shoplifters ordinarily (at least since 7th grade) but decided we couldn't put this personalized, cryptic-'glad you aren't gay'-signed book back on the shelf. Sorry Borders, we'll make it up to you.

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