September 1, 2008

Obama Mural - Part 1

I was asked to paint a mural above the Barack Obama campaign office in Kenosha.

I'm not allowed to paint directly on the building, so I have to construct a giant canvas -- which is the size of a small house at 9 feet x 10 feet.

There is nothing on Google about how to make a gigantic canvas, so I'm winging it.

As you can see, my trip to buy lumber was a success. The 6-feet of lumber sticking out of my truck didn't kill anyone on the way home.


Because I have a truck full of crap -- including an old bra -- and old bras make good bungee securing mechanisms. If my truck wasn't full of clothes I've been meaning to bring to drop at Goodwill for the last year, some motorist might've been impaled with a 2x4.

More developments on the way...

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