September 13, 2008


Oh penis-shaped iceberg floating in the ocean,
how many jokes we could have made about you on the morning show.

Sailors...the Titanic... gay polar bears...proof that global warming is literally fucking us -- the possibilities were endless.

But no.

All you gave me was my first-ever on-air "bleep" and a new nickname at work.

I'll forever cherish my new bragging right as the only person in the world who can honestly say they've been bleeped by a giant penis-shaped iceberg.

Thanks again for existing,

The uncensored version of last Friday's newscast on the 95.1 WIILROCK morning show:


Jake said...

That"s very funny, if I had been listening to that live on the radio I wouldn't have thought twice about "cockberg" being a bad word. A funny term but not a bad word.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought the host over reacted a bit. I also didn't think cock was a bad word or at least no worse than dork or schlong. But I guess if the station was later fined, at least he'd be on the carpet with the recording of him giving you the third degree.