September 23, 2008

Obama Mural - Part Deux

Ok, portrait's done.

Now I've got a ton of white space to fill. I have no idea what to put.

The best suggestion I've gotten so far:
"How about a giant bald eagle and some monster trucks?"

I'm not very good with backgrounds, I usually don't plan that far ahead.
And truth is, I'm a little drunk with power since I'm technically allowed to paint whatever I want.

Hopefully I'll come up with something other than this and get this thing hung before the election is over:

1 comment:

jake said...

Last fall during the primaries Obama was one among many democratic nominees in the race for the white house. I saw him on tv a few times and didn't think much about it. A while later I had a very disturbing dream in which he was the president. The streets were run by the military and know one would leave their house, and every one was very afraid.
You should raise one of his hands in the air and make troop filled streets in the back ground. I'm sure the democratic office would be happy to put that up.
Even having had that dream I still like him better.