October 5, 2008

I Challenge Anyone To Spend 2 Hours at Caleo

It's a coffee shop off 22nd Avenue on the northside of Kenosha.

I understand their decorating theme is 'street fair in Rome' (you kinda feel like you're in Italy even though you're in a strip mall next to a Burger King in Wisconsin) and that's fine...

BUT... decorating aside, this is first and foremost a coffee shop.

Why do they play MIND-CRUSHINGLY LOUD Italian polka music?
It is SO LOUD.

Enduring two hours of this music has made me oddly angry.

As in, I'm not a person who ordinarily says 'motherfucker' -- but I'm trying to write a paper for class and every thought stream I have is injected with "fuck" or "fucking" or "motherfucker".

And now, instead of focusing on my homework, all I can think about is this weird animal urge I'm getting to smash bottles or start a street fight with someone.

Point is: Italian polka -- not conducive to homework or sanity. Being at Caleo is about as calming as chewing on aluminum foil.

I don't know how the employees here stand it. If one of them cracked and went on a murderous rampage I really don't think I'd blame them.

That's all.

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