July 17, 2009

Life: The Movie

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post.

It's almost stupidly ironic, BUT, on the train ride home from trying to get ON a reality show I managed to finish a fantastic book called "Life: The Movie - How Entertainment Conquered Reality" by Neal Gabler.

If Neal Gabler knew his book was read IN line at a reality show audition, he'd be right to slap me. And I'd deserve it. Andy Warhol would think it was genius though.

ANYWAY, got it for one penny on Amazon.com.

Here's an excerpt:

"...All one has to do is watch people filing silently out of a movie theater, their eyes vacant, their faces slack, to see how one must reemerge after being submerged in a film.

Art was said to provide ekstasis, which in Greek means 'letting us stand outside ourselves,' presumably to lend us perspective. But everyone knows from personal experience that entertainment usually provides just the opposite: inter tenere (Latin for "entertainment"), pulling us into ourselves to deny us perspective."

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