July 16, 2009

Suck It, Sarica Jessica Parker

Today I went to a casting call for Sarah Jessica Parker's new BRAVO reality show.

It's called "American Artist" and it's a competition for struggling artists; grand prize is $100,000. Today they were casting in Chicago.

SO, today I...

- woke up at the buttcrack of dawn
- spent 3 hours on trains to/from Chicago
- spent $14 on train tickets
- filled out a 23-page questionaire
- waited for 4 hours in a line that stretched 3 city blocks
- missed my train back to Kenosha
- had to call into work


It was all worth it because some lady took 4.5 seconds to flip through my portfolio (a.k.a one decade of my life's work), looked at me like she wanted to punch me in the face, and said 'Mmmkay thaaaanks.'

1 comment:

KaTT said...

an mmmmkay thanks could mean ANYTHING really :) i am putting my fingers crossed for u. but i guess you are talented anyway, and do not need SJP's help. it would definitely facilitate things, but i guess the most important things are outside these reality shows.

xox from Berlin