August 6, 2012

Phish Painting

Don't let this painting fool you-- I do not like the band Phish.  

That said-- they do have cool concert posters. And I am dating a Phish fan.

I wanted to buy him this particular Phish tour poster for his birthday last year but apparently their tour posters are like $100+ on eBay.  

So I made a huge cradled board out of maple wood and painted the image instead. The original design is not my own (I wish it was) -- it's by DKNG Studios.

And in Phish fan language, this is the poster from 6/4/11 Cuyahoga Falls, OH brah.

1 comment:

Daniel Robinson said...

this is amazing. been looking for this poster on ebay for a while.

what would you charge me to make this for me?